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iluma Financial Partners Announces Invitation Only Investor Event

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Edina, Minnesota based iluma Financial Partners (“iluma”) has announced an invitation only investor event on March 8, 2017. The company explains that the event will include either lunch or dinner with Barney Coelho, founder of iluma whose focus is cash flow maximization.

iluma’s mission is to provide uncommon sense to serious investors, business owners and partners by utilizing a proprietary process called the iluma framework "IF". In contrast to conventional thinking and traditional financial “wisdom”, which Coelho believes contributed to much of the financial mess our country and citizens face, iluma Financial Partners utilizes the “IF” process to investigate, illuminate, and eliminate financial blind spots.

"We are planning a very special invitation-only event for you. We have reserved the private room at Lou Nanne's in Edina for both lunch and dinner on Wednesday, March 8th," says Coelho. "Because space is limited, RSVPs will be handled on a first come, first served basis."

Coelho says that those interested in attending should contact the company to obtain a private invitation, and to let them know if a spouse or guest will be attending as well.

"Whether you are looking forward to great things ahead, or are concerned about the next Bear Market, this is definitely an event that you do not want to miss," Coelho states. "You can learn techniques that may improve yield without taking on too much risk, and how to be well-positioned regardless of if the Bears or Bulls win out."

Coelho says the event will feature a guest speaker to share how unique strategies, such as a Custom Note, may allow investors to capture gains in the equity markets while mitigating risk. Depending on each client's scenario, variations can be designed to potentially enhance yield, especially compared to bank products. Coelho's unique process helps clients determine which options, if any, may be most appropriate for their unique situation.

Attendees at the event will be among the first to see the company's new branding. Those interested in learning more about the upcoming event or services the company offers can visit them online at


Contact Iluma Financial Partners: Barney Coelho 612.758.0829 Centennial Lakes Office Park iluma Financial Partners 7701 France Avenue South, Suite 325 (entero) Edina, MN 55345

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